Samaritan College is a three-campus, Reception to Year 12 Catholic Education school in Whyalla.

The Samaritan College Band Programme is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and grow in a
musical environment, where they not only develop techniques on their chosen instrument,
but skills such as teamwork, communication, flexibility, resilience and an overarching sense of fun!

In 2018 the 
Samaritan College Band Programme

is being coordinated and directed by Stormfront Productions.

Excited 'Beginning Band' students visited the Secondary campus from both Primary schools
for their very first rehearsal on Tuesday, June 5th. Continuing members of the 'Junior Concert Band'
also came together for the first time this year, practicing the pieces they've been learning in their
weekly small group Instrumental Lessons on guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet and percussion.

Photos courtesy Rebecca Scharber & Samaritan College