Samaritan College is a three-campus, Reception to Year 12 Catholic Education school in Whyalla.

The Samaritan College Band Programme is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn & grow in a
musical environment - where they not only develop techniques on their chosen instrument -
but also teamwork, communication, flexibility, resilience and an overarching sense of fun!

In 2019 the Samaritan College Band Programme
was once again coordinated & directed by Stormfront Productions.

With our 2019 Band year's primary focus the Samaritan Spectacular
lessons and rehearsals were geared towards this exciting event!

The JUNIOR CONCERT BAND put on a Spectacular-ly colourful, professional and
impressive performance with their rock, pop & jazz pieces!

Meanwhile the amazing (and huge!) Primary Band blitzed 3 big days of soundchecks, Dress Rehearsals,
Matinee and the main event - and the brand new GLEE CLUB sang the house down!

On December 9th an Ensemble of performers completed the 2019 Band year with
a pre-show concert at the College Prize Night in Whyalla's Middleback Arts Centre.
What a great performance!

We then were pleased to present the Instrumental Awards for Excellence
onstage during the Award Ceremony.

Congratulations to all members of the Samaritan College Band Programme in 2019 for a fantastic year of music!