2009 "DANSING" Eisteddfod

Whydale Calisthenics Club successfully ran it's inaugural "DANSING 2009" Eisteddfod
for dancers and singers at the Whyalla High School hall on SUNDAY 20th September.

Many current Stormfront Tutoring students entered this year's competition which embraced
singers & dancers of all ages and backgrounds - ranging from first-timers to seasoned public performers.

We are delighted to say ALL our students did a fantastic job on-stage this year -
following are the singing competition's 2009 placings....!

SECTION 1 - Sub-Junior:

1: Georgia Davidson*
2: Lauren Carter*
3: Hayley Grinter*
4: Jordan Godfrey

SECTION 2 - Junior:

1: Meg Bindi*
2: Alana Bray*
3: Caitlin Davidson*
4: Chelsea Clappis*

SECTION 3 - Intermediate:

1: Hayley Marshall*
2: Kat Korossy*
3: Jessica Payne*
4: Minami Rose

SECTION 4 - Senior:

1: Emma Taylor*
2: Tammy Godfrey
3: Holly Clappis*

SECTION 5 - Junior Duet:

1: Caitlin & Georgia Davidson*
2: Meg Bindi & Alana Bray*
3: Hayley Grinter & Lucy Ayling*
4: Justine Chalmers* & Holly Phillis

SECTION 6 - Senior Duet:

1: Hayley Marshall* & Kelsey McIlwaine
2: Jacqueline Barsby* & Minami Rose

"*" = current Stormfront student

Local drummer Brian Krawzcyk was invited by the Dansing Committee to serve on the judging panel,
his first time doing such a task - and his first time involved with Youth Music in Whyalla.
Brian was mentored through the process by accomplished adjudicator Fred Hams who has judged Talent Quests
and Eisteddfods at the highest level across Australia for nearly 20 years.

Brian was heard to say on the night "I've never dealt with Youth Music before so this has really opened my eyes.
I am really impressed by the talent on display and thank Mark & Alison for introducing me to it!"