Whyalla, SA

For the fifth consecutive year Stormfront has completed it's annual
"Jamm For Genes" concert at the Westland Shopping Centre Foodcourt -
to raise funds for the national "Jeans For Genes" charity.

"Jeans For Genes" funds The Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) -
an independent organisation committed to unlocking the mysteries of genetic diseases in children.

"Jamm For Genes" is an initiative to encourage musicians & their love of music to sponsor this wonderful charity each year.

From humble beginnings at Whyalla's Westland Shopping Centre in 2007,
this year's concert featured a "biggest ever" cast of 65 performers - many of whom made
their stage debut on the show, and some who came from as far away as Arno Bay to perform!

This year's "Jamm For Genes" raised $550 for the "Jeans for Genes" cause.

Our 2011 cast ranged in age from four years to adult -
singing, dancing & playing guitar for a record audience of 280 people!

Our 2011 cast was:

Alana Bray * Breeze Millard * Abby Goodwin * Caitlyn Utting * Maria Alboino
Emily Rawlings * Jenna Daniels * Jaylee Daniels * Claire Gordon * Bonnie Taylor
Georgia Davidson * Hayley Carter * Hayley Grinter * Victoria Wood * Jahred Ibbotson
Jade Harvey * Tayla Shaw * Luke Sinclair * Rebecca Foulkes * Jordie Arbuckle
Lauren Carter * Lucy Ayling * Lucy Broekx * Dayna Duncan * Shakira Fauser * Rebecca Bubicich
Madeline Rademaker * Meg Bindi * Meg Sheasby * Michaela Sandy * Sophie Lee Harris
Rhiannon Butt * Asha Reed * Kaine Bubicich * Grace Smallacombe * Richelle Kneebone
Stephanie Milovski * Tia Bails * Velia MacDonald * Abbey Jenkins * Amy Donnellan
Madelaine Bamford * Michaela-Kate Bamford * Halle Shaw * Sophie Harris * Daniel Marinkovich
Rebecca Aspey * Hannah Boehm-Wilson * Amali Kaesler * Alyssa Leopold * Shane Morton
Sophie Tonkin * Matilda Sweeney * Taylah Stirling * Sarah Stirling * Jordan Godfrey
Maddie Whitehouse * Predita Aiman * Dayna Jenkins * Lauren Dempsey * Febee Smith * Monay Thompson
Mark Tempany * Alison Hams


Clare McLaughlin & Westland Shopping Centre
Jodie Mariner & Childrens Medical Research Institute
Darren & Jodie Goodwin
Fred & Cobi Hams
ALL our fantastic students & parents!