STORMFRONT RECORDING formed in Queensland in 1994 - and we've operated at the highest levels across Australia since then.

Now based in Whyalla, South Australia we offer a complete AUDIO and VISUAL Production resource.

Across tens-of thousands of CD sales, Streams & Views - and dozens of Commercial Releases -
STORMFRONT brings decades of experience and track record to the table.

We operate on an exclusive boutique basis -
We choose who we work with -
We only work with the very best at every level.

We always listen to every story -
so don't be scared to ask us what we can do for you.

Here's just some of what we've done...

PASOTA 2023 Alison Hams BROKEN GROUND KT Stott HE IS WORTHY Dani Rivas TITANIUM LOGAN WAGNER Left Behind Annelia Pearson GOODBYE MY FRIEND Janke Koen STRONGER WITH YOU Alison Hams WHAT CHILD IS THIS Alison Hams LEAN ON ME Dani Rivas FIGHTER Dani Rivas STRONGER Dani Rivas UNBREAK MY HEART Dani Rivas THE CHRISTMAS SONG Shakira Lea DROWNING Jaylee Daniels TONIGHT LIONS Carols In The Park 2020 SPECIAL EDITION PAPA'S SONG Jaylee Daniels I MISS YOU Shakira Lea I HAVE MY OWN LIFE Breeze Millard BE YOURSELF Maddelyn Ravanelli Jelly Baby Song Determination Who we are Recording Project List TIME STAYS THE SAME Liberty Tuohy HOLDING ON Breeze Millard & Joshua Paton

Our rates are exceptional -
our dedication to YOU unmatched.

We also offer decades of experience totally in-house for your
Graphic Art needs - and we can Consult & Advise you every step-of-the-way -
to the highest International levels of the Entertainment & Media Industries.

Make your DREAM a REALITY....

Contact us now.......


PHONE & SMS 0418 700 819

PO Box 2313 Whyalla Norrie 5608 South Australia

Music lets you think, feel and change the world! If you want it - GO for it! Nothing begins until you DREAM it! Rode NTK Kel HM2D Kel HM7U Korg Microkey Behringer 3030A Alesis Nanocompressor Golden Age COMP54 Rode NT3 Shure PG81 Behringer MDX2600 DBX 286A AVID MBox pro AVID Fast Track DUO Golden Age PRE73 Universal Audio LA610MK2 AVID Pro Tools 12 Izotope Neutron Izotope Ozone 7 Neumann KM184 Behringer C2 Neumann TLM102 Shure SM58 Shure BETA58 Behringer B2 Behringer T1 OPR The Pill Shure SRH440 Neumann KH120A M-Audio AV40