Saturday 5th September 2015 saw a
Stormfront Junior Performance Troupe of 11 provide a
wonderful opening to Whyalla Uniting Church's annual
Spring Fair - and to Spring as well!

Our groups 40-minute opening presentation featured an
awesome range of solos and group songs -
including a few debut group songs and
a few debut soloists!

The bumper crowd enjoyed the show immensely -
with Mark & Alison completing our service to the community
with a stellar 20-minute closing set of their own.

Our 2015 crew was:

Bree * L'Lianna * Max * Logan
Skylar * Marcel * Chika
Ciara * Keira
Alison Hams * Mark Tempany


Graham Matters
Whyalla Uniting Church
Fred & Cobi Hams
ALL our fantastic students & parents!